What Is LeadCliq?

LeadCliq is an ACTIVE network of professionals, utilizing our innovative Web Based Marketplace. As a member of LeadCliq, opportunities and demands are facilitated to its trusted members through valid and invaluable business activities in our system.


What is your EDGE with LeadCliq?


  • Direct access to active opportunities
  • Guaranteed valid contact details all the time
  • Connect with like-minded members who have connections to link you to buyers!
  • Reduced sales cycle, focused dealings, increased results
  • Valued business interactions with the right connections
  • Extended sales team for your business!

Some of Our Current Preferred Suppliers


What are the benefits to joining?

Access Live Opportunities

Cut down the Sales Cycle by getting ACTIVE LEADS. LeadCliq is a dynamic marketplace of trusted members who share VALID PROSPECTS. APPOINTMENTS also available between buyers and service providers!

Find Qualified Suppliers

WIN sealed deals or find reputable partners to complement your services! A quick search in LeadCliq’s list of qualified suppliers not only provides contact info but let’s you see reviews and ratings of each vendor partner in the “active community.”

Sell Your Leads

Yes, at LeadCliq – you can sell your LEADS! Chances are that you’ve come across an opportunity that wasn’t the right match for your services. Find someone else who can take advantage of this opportunity AND get an incentive in return!

Join ACTIVE Communities

No more passive networking groups and pulling your teeth for referrals. Our circles are guaranteed to have a buzz of activities. There’s only 1 rule to join an Active Circle – GIVE AND GET. The more you are active, the more opportunities you’ll receive in return!


LeadCliq is used by many professionals who are supporting growing a business, and growing their prospect pipeline. Some of our members today are in IT Sales, Sales Management, Channel Management, and Marketing to name a few, and all of them have a common goal of generating leads, and increasing their leads and prospect base. For some, it’s a referral management system, for others it’s a lead database, and for others, it’s a territory expansion tool where they leverage the system to get them access to opportunities outside of their current reach. Contact Our Community Developer so they can walk you through the system and see if it’s a good match to your business.

What We Impact

Let’s face it, an end-to-end cycle to win a deal can be a lengthy process and include multiple steps.

How much is your time worth? If you give somebody a referral, is it guaranteed that the receiver will give you an opportunity in return? Most of us can only hope for reciprocation. But the fact is, reciprocation is not guaranteed.

One networking event or mixer = $35 per event
plus parking…

Social network premium membership = $100 per month.

Our Solution

In LeadCliq, save time and cut through that cycle! Opportunities in the system range from “COOL”, valuable buyer contact info, to “HOT” – where all you need is the final pitch!

In LeadCliq, we have created a system where every opportunity you give, you also receive and get access to an equal type of opportunity. Your efforts always count towards a return on what you put in!

LeadCliq’s low monthly fee… $49/per month (sign up, this is our introductory rate)

What We Impact

Wishing you had more team members to generate and close opportunities? Have a particular region that needs more attention than your team can support?

Your team needs to grow, but training new Sales Executives takes time – which costs you money. The ramp-ups can take an average of 90 days.

Networking and generating vendor or partner channels is a key area that Sales Managers track and want to see growth in. Is your team in the right channels to generate opportunities? How are they finding vendors that make sense for your organization?

Our Solution

Leverage the Community Members in LeadCliq to keep an eye out for opportunities for you in geographic spaces that don’t have the biggest footprint. Close more sales and spend less time starting from scratch with LeadCliq’s army of sales professional sending relevant leads to their community.

In LeadCliq other Sales Managers have been able to ramp up their team members faster to find opportunities. They leverage the power of their communities to tap into needs.

With our innovative system, you can build your team’s network instantly, through MANAGED COMMUNITIES of LeadCliq. Have visibility of your team’s TOP VENDORS through dashboards. See specifically who’s responsive and actively engaged with your organization so you can focus your support on them. Save time, money and close more sales by not having to track down related industry professionals.