About Us


LeadCliq is founded and developed by the Agate Group, a seasoned CRM customization company, whose employees call themselves the “wild bunch” (very fitting for our region’s old west roots). Our team boasts over a decade of success and expertise in CRM and Lead automations.

LeadCliq is the result of over 3000 custom installations created for Agate Group customers, many of which focused on lead generation. As a professional organization in a niche market, we discovered getting referrals was a challenge that many businesses faced. With over a decade of experience and over 60% of our business coming from referrals, the power of networking and lead generation never ceases to amaze us. That is how the “golden” idea for LeadCliq was born.



Introducing LeadCliq

This membership-based platform enables business professionals of different profiles to buy, sell, trade leads, engage regarding opportunities, and exponentially increase their resources.

Our framework adopts our principal of “reciprocation”, which we’ve applied in our genuine appreciation for those who thought about us through the act of referrals.

LeadCliq is a unique, pioneering tool, empowering members to get the most out of what they already do today.

Backed by the trailblazing spirit and expertise of our team, and encouraged by our past successes, the Agate Group is excited and pleased to introduce LeadCliq. LeadCliq is boldly entering today’s marketplace and changing the way people network and get business.