The Agate Group, a Rocklin based Software Solutions Company, is pleased to announce it has been named #27 out of 100 in the Sacramento Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies List for 2015. The list showcases the region’s top companies based on overall growth over a three-year period, from 2012 – 2014.
“We are thrilled with our momentum and that we are being recognized in this prestigious list,” said Cherryl Macalino, CEO of the Agate Group, which provides Salesforce integration and customization services. “It is a great honor to be ranked in the Sacramento Business Journal’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies and also exciting to see how we compare to other businesses in the area. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us achieve this milestone, especially our customers and employees. We could not have done it without them!”
The Agate Group hopes to continue its growth with the release of a new software platform for exchanging and acquiring business opportunities. LeadCliq is a referral generation portal where members share relevant leads in real time and within exclusive circles or communities. Joining LeadCliq is comparable to gaining an army of salespersons who share their leads with you. Presently LeadCliq is in Closed Release Version (participation is by invite or recommendation), and is officially scheduled for the Open and Public Release in October.
Nearly a decade ago, The Agate Group began supporting the Technology Workforce Market. While most workforce service providers were forced to close their doors during the recent recession, The Agate Group’s CEO and founder, Cherryl Macalino, diversified their portfolio of services to meet the changing market demands. “Despite the down turn in the economy, we continued securing new accounts. But customer spending shifted to technology and automation, causing a slower pace in the staffing lifecycle. We were maintaining a steady state… but I didn’t see us thriving at the levels I knew we were capable of.”
To ensure The Agate Group continued to grow despite the economic downturn, Cherryl made the decision to expand and reorganize rather than to downsize and wait out the storm. In 2010, The Agate Group launched a team that would focus on providing web based solutions for Salesforce. It was a calculated risk, but as Cherryl recalls, the key to the transformation was not in the technology, but in the people. “I knew we could tap into that market, but we had to stamp our services with a team that could deliver. The punch we needed was team members who were skilled, loved customers, and loved their jobs.”
Over the past few years, The Agate Group has built a team that maintained these traits. Over time the company focused much of their operation on their Salesforce Professional Service division. Cherryl recalls, “I knew it was going to be a ride, and the change wasn’t going to be overnight and easy, but we had to take action. We hit our stride with the Salesforce Solutions and never looked back, despite some learning curves. It may have seemed like a risk to shift from a market we knew so well, but we always had a plan, a solid team to back us up, and a roadmap of what we needed to do, and that roadmap has served us well.” Their diverse customer base now includes pharmaceutical and telecommunication companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, not just in Sacramento, but across the country. And Agate’s Salesforce Professional Services team continues to grow and now includes a full complement of engineers, project managers, software testers, sales personnel, and administrative staff.
The Agate Group continues to partner with their clients to customize their technology solutions, ensuring that their clients maximize their utilization. As a premier cloud solutions provider, the Agate Group helps meet all your Salesforce needs, whether it be big or small. For more information about the Agate Group please visit or check out their new application – LeadCliq at

Jan, 19, 2016