LeadCliq is a REFERRAL generation portal where a dynamic network of contacts actively shares and create opportunities among trusted members through valid and invaluable business activities. This is the perfect venue to realize the powers of active referral and prospecting group so that it does not stop at selling or buying but goes on as well through helping each other out. It is a marketplace for LEADS and QUALIFIED MEETINGS that ultimately DRIVE SALES and BUSINESS GROWTH.
Unlike social media networks which tend to be passive when it comes to LEAD generation, LeadCliq is a definite working process that secures ACTIVE LEADS. As soon as you are UP, ENGAGED and ACTIVE in your circle, you are assured of access to LEGITIMATE LEADS.
It’s distinctly different in 3 ways: 1. If you become an ACTIVE member, accessibility to LEADS is unlimited within a month’s fixed fee. A standard LEAD DATABASE purchase, for example , gives you 100 contact names and numbers for an X amount. Most of the time, contacts are outdated. 2. With LeadCliq, data is created by ACTIVE members which continuously generates real time info and updated data. 3. Most importantly, activity within the LeadCliq marketplace is constantly dynamic as members actively seek services and goods, hence a LEAD is guaranteed ACTIVE all the time.
Most Leads Generation network will distribute the same CONTACT/PROSPECT/LEAD to hundreds of vendors with a common client in target. With LeadCliq, it’s a “managed” distribution, so 1 contact in LEADCLIQ is distributed to less than a handful people.
LeadCliq features a monitoring system where ONLY QUALITY LEADS are maintained in its database. By quality, it maintains that the following data are accurate each time: Name, Designation, Phone #, and Email Address. Tier 2 Leads are likewise verified accurate to ensure qualified opportunities. In the event that a member submits a FALSE LEAD, this automatically triggers the suspension of his/her account to prevent malicious entries and incomplete leads. Readmission into the system is only granted after a careful mitigation process.
Any member who generates any INCOMPLETE lead is refunded of their credits so that they can withdraw another LEAD. Data is the heart of our business and so we take it very seriously to maintain only ACCURATE DATA in our system.
What are the chances that you come across prospects that are not a match to the services you offer? A lot! Being a part of LeadCliq allows you to shares this “prospect” with your circle. Sharing contacts in LeadCliq, we may say, equals to “selling”. Yup, that’s right. You EARN POINTS and can now purchase other leads from the circle that are more pertinent to your business.
It’s great to have partners, but imagine if your source who’s helping you grow your business went from 2 people to 10 s and a hundred people in your circle? Do you think at that point, you can have a larger opportunity base? More selection on which business to pursue? At LeadCliq, it’s an unlimited opportunity of prospects minus the pressure of reciprocating your partners’ referrals. Your lead will always be worth gold to another in your circle. Everyday that you log onto LeadCliq – you’ll have ACTIVE leads! No guessing game! If you’re contributing to the Circle… there’s really no waiting around. You’ll get prospects available for your accessibility! It’s that simple
LeadCliq‘s sole purpose is to get leads. So it’s an ACTIVE network. Most social media networks are passive groups. And it’s a working process to acquire leads. With LeadCliq, once you are also ENGAGED and ACTIVE, you get accessibility to LEADS immediately.
It’s very different. #1, your accessibility to LEADS in our database within the month if you’re an ACTIVE member is unlimited. A standard LEAD DATABASE purchase is for an X amount of LEADS purchased. Example – $100, might purchase you 100 contact names and #s. From what we know, most of those contact data is outdated. #2, With LeadCliq, our data is created by ACTIVE members, so the information is real time information, of the most updated data. #3 and most importantly, a LEAD DATABASE company seldom provides ACTIVE LEADS. This means – businesses who are actively seeking out special services and goods. LeadCliq houses both passive and ACTIVE leads where the businesses are ACTIVELY seeking for vendors and services of various kinds.
LeadCliq maintains a monitoring system by which we encourage and maintain the flow Quality LEADS in our system. This means to us that the following is accurate: Name, Title, Phone #, and Email Address. If it’s a Tier 2 Lead, then the opportunity has to be accurate as well. In the event a member submits a false or wrong LEAD, this automatically triggers that user for a suspension of their account to prevent from another INCOMPLETE LEAD to enter our system. They are only readmitted after they go through our mitigation process. The USER who obtained that INCOMPLETE LEAD is given their credit back so that they can withdraw another lead. So in summary, we take it very seriously that the data in our system is accurate.
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