Welcome to LeadCliq, an innovative marketplace born out of the question that all sales departments seek to answer: which resource produces the best ROI for lead generation? Recognizing that referrals are a powerful source of growth, LeadCliq provides a vibrant network for businesses in the IT and telecom sales and business development industries. LeadCliq is the first membership-based, fully-vetted lead acquisition platform available to these industries.

What makes LeadCliq unique?

Several attributes distinguish LeadCliq from traditional lead generation software. For example, it is an active, real-time database where members continuously contribute information, eliminating the incidence of obsolete leads. LeadCliq is exclusive, meaning that members must be client-approved, vetted, and certified. Each sales lead is distributed to only a handful of members, so users will not encounter recycled leads. Based on the simple principle of “give and receive,” LeadCliq facilitates a exchange of information and sales prospects between like-minded professionals.

What are the benefits for members?

LeadCliq offers members a variety of ways to network with other professionals in their industries. Members interact within active circles of industry professionals who help each other connect with current, qualified sales prospects. This increases the efficiency of members’ sales cycles, enabling them to spend less time hunting for leads and more time selling. LeadCliq also allows members to “sell” sales leads: if a member encounters a lead that is not a match for the services they provide, they may share the lead with other members within their industry and earn points in return. The points may be used to purchase other leads more suited to the member’s business.

Members may easily connect with partner suppliers via LeadCliq’s directory, featuring up-to-date contact information and ratings and reviews of qualified suppliers. LeadCliq also facilitates networking for members with online as well as face-to-face events.

Innovative, dynamic, and exclusive, LeadCliq offers much more than typical lead generation software. Contact us to learn more about how LeadCliq can increase your network while reducing your sales cycle.

Apr, 10, 2015