Just another manic Monday as I’m now strolling in 15 minutes past 9:00 am. The portfolio of manic Monday rush included: leaving my wallet at home, and as I make my way back to the freeway, I have apparently joined the traffic jam, backed up at a 5 mph pace for the last 15 minutes. Happy Monday!

I make it in one piece…FINALLY! I sink into my chair and log onto my computer with a pace of a NASCAR driver. Just as I’m ready to “go”, a black, silky fur ball paws at my office door. It’s JJ, a miniature pincher, one of the office residents.

“Morning JJ, wanna come in?”, I greet him as I open the door, and he looks up at me with that cheerful, “Where have you been, my best bud?” look on his adorable, little face.

JJ, wags his stubby tail and jumps on my lap and showers me with kisses as if knowing it’s just what I needed for that moment. I sigh yet again, but this time I type calmer, with a little more pep in my step, and I greet the team, “Morning everyone, happy Monday! I made it in!” It’s amazing how that little creature can take away that angst. These are the moments that make me realize it’s a treat to work at a pet friendly workplace.

There are countless ways companies can stand out from the crowd and set themselves apart by offering unique employee perks. In my opinion, one of the best rewards on the planet is when the office is pet friendly. For those that have 2 legged children, a flexible pet policy is equivalent to in-building childcare. For some of us, our 4 legged babies ARE our babies, so this is highly appreciated and a relief to have as a flexibility perk.

There are oodles of studies that show therapeutic and health benefits, but to me, it’s the simple sprinkles of cheer throughout the day. In the daily grind of our workday, just seeing a 4 legged friend curled up in the corner is enough to take one’s mind out of deadlines and bring a priceless smile to any face.

Offices that have flexible pet policies report their employees feel less stressed, because they can bond with their pet throughout their work day. Whether taking them for a walk or having them curled by your feet, having your pet at work gives a great sense of relief to those who work irregular or long hours. Fur baby parents who are allowed to bring their pets to work have also shown increased employee commitment. Is there any better motivation for pet lovers to join a company, all the while supporting an increase in employee retention?

After implementing a flexible pet policy, employers have cited increased employee productivity, less absences, and higher levels of trust within their teams. Sounds like a win/win all the way around to me!

Another great benefit of having a flexible pet policy is it truly sets the tone for the rest of the office. It says we are comfortable, happy, open and flexible. Here at LeadCliq, we have a flexible pet policy. Our CEO Cherryl Macalino wants everyone to feel comfortable in the office.  Like a lot of growing companies, we spend more time at the office than we do at home. Most times not knowing it. Our motto is bring some of the comforts of home here, where we spend most of our time.

On any given day we have anywhere from 1 to 4 dogs in the office. Our meetings, while still results oriented, have moments where we are snickering because of doggie shenanigans in the conference room. Going from serious stares at spreadsheets and goals, to rolling laughter…you can’t beat that! At LeadCliq, our team members are encouraged to bring in their pets. Just one rule, they have to pass a Pet Interview. A friendly demeanor is a qualification criteria we seek for furry friends to hang out in the workplace.

To further help persuade you into joining the pro-pet policy world, check out some of our adorable weekly visitors and office residents below! Share if you think your management needs a nudge to follow this happy trail.  Don’t forget to like and follow us to stay updated on our articles!


Pluto Sunshine Consultant

Apr, 07, 2016